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In this series we will be giving you a glimpse into the places our designers & team call home. Take a tour and gain a personal insight into some of the treasured interiors of our team. We hope it fills you with inspiration!

This week’s blog is home to our Group Design Services Manager, Karen Powers! Built over 13 years ago, Karen’s home features an eclectic mix of timber elements, exquisite glassware and textured details all wrapped up in a warm and inviting colour palette. Karen fills us in about what she loves most about her home and her secrets for creating enduring style that will stand the test of time.

IMG 3390

Give us a bit of background on your home?

We moved to Christchurch from Dunedin where we always had a home with views, so having a view again was important to us and it was that that drew us to this spot. We love the fact it’s a little bit rural, but only 15 mins to the city centre, but mostly what we really love is the fabulous outlook over the city and all the way to the Kaikoura Mountains in the distance.

How would you describe the Interior Design style?

A bit eclectic, warm toned and not tied to any particular style or era. I love colour, detail and texture and because I work in textiles, I adore so many different looks, so I suppose my home just reflects things that appeal to me at any given time.

IMG 3397

We love all your unique glassware and pieces of art. Tell us about these collected items?

My first piece of glass was a 60’s ‘Genie’ shaped urn that I found in a little second hand shop and fell in love with. I guess I got the bug from there and now have a mix of both old and new pieces. All my pieces have a story or memory attached – like the beautiful blue dish my daughter brought me all the way from an antique store in Antwerp. They bring me joy and pleasure; I love the colours achievable with glass and the way light both reflects off it and flows through it. Unfortunately the original piece that started my collection was lost in the 2011 earthquake, but there are other special pieces that I look at and think of the memories attached to them.

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Do you have a favourite space in your home and why?

I’m not sure I have a favourite space, but I do love the way the view is visible from all the bedrooms, kitchen, living areas and deck. I love waking up in bed and being able to look out at the view. I also enjoy the outdoor area very much because of the sun and privacy we have.

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What advice do you have for creating a “timeless interior”?

I think homes should reflect the personality of their occupants; everyone should be able to have things around them that they love, whether that’s numerous items or just a single special piece. The key is to have a few key neutral pieces so you can make changes and updates with just a few new items at a time – new cushions, a new upholstered chair or a new piece of timber furniture. New things should be able to work with older things, so our homes evolve, rather than requiring full on make-overs every few years.

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IMG 3465

Interior Design is always evolving. What are your future plans for your home?

The next change I want to make is to the flooring. I am keen to incorporate new hard flooring though the living areas so I have less fitted carpet and more rugs and texture defining areas.

IMG 3697

What is your top interior tip?

Remember that our eye is often drawn to the colourful objects in a room, so don’t make them the cheapest items that you picked up to ‘add a splash of colour’. If they’re going to be a focal point, make sure they’re objects worthy of the attention! The second tip is to choose things for your interior that give you an emotional response – our homes should be welcoming and make us feel uplifted and safe when we walk into them.

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