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Carpet Underlay

Arguably as important as the carpet itself, carpet underlay not only provides comfort underfoot but it also prolongs the life of your carpet, provides acoustic and thermal insulation, and will help you clean your carpet more efficiently. But how do you know if the underlay you are buying is high quality? Here are your 6 must-ask questions.

What is the thickness and density?

When it comes to carpet underlay, density and thickness are two indicators of comfort. Density ranges from 80kg and 120kg per cubic metre, and thickness between 8mm and 11mm. As a general rule, the higher these numbers, the more luxurious and supportive the carpet underlay will feel.

What is it made of?

Perhaps even more important than thickness and density, is what the underlay is actually made of. It is important to look for carpet underlay that is made with previously unused off-cuts from the furniture and bedding industries. Some very cheap underlays use second-hand foams from undesirable sources such as old mattresses and furniture, or foam not from the comfort industry such as packaging, so it always pays to ask.

A premium carpet underlay such as Dunlop Dream Walk Black Label is made with only the best raw materials and processes to create an underlay that not only feels great but will last for years to come.

Carpet Underlay Diagram

Is it environmentally friendly?

By its very nature, carpet underlay made with off-cuts is environmentally friendly as it use up waste that was destined for the landfill. However it is also a good idea to choose an underlay that has been certified by the CRI Green Label Plus low emissions program. Products such as the Dunlop range that are certified CRI Green Label Plus have been independently tested and meet strict criteria for VOC emissions, making them safer for your family and the environment.

Does it have hypoallergenic properties?

Likewise an important question to ask is whether the underlay has hypoallergenic properties. A good start is to ensure that the underlay comes from clean and previously unused sources, but beyond that look for specific healthy living features such as Dunlop Flooring’s antimicrobial protection option. This provides added protection against mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites.

What are the thermal & acoustic insulation ratings?

Underlays with higher thermal & acoustic ratings will help keep your home quieter and warmer. Thermal insulation properties are usually indicated by a TOG rating and acoustic performance measured by noise reduction in decibels. And although a higher TOG rating is usually better, a lower rating is recommended for underfloor heating (this ensures the heat can pass through).

Does it come with a warranty?

Finally, for total peace of mind choose an underlay that comes with a warranty or guarantee. Ensure the warranty covers you for the lifetime of your new carpet.

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