Homes are meant to be lived in, so it’s important that your interior furnishings can stand up to everyday life. Flooring in particular can get a hammering, especially in busy households with children and pets. By choosing one of the following, you can rest assured knowing your flooring will look great for years to come – whatever life throws at it!

Hardwearing and Waterproof Laminates
Hardwood floors have always been a popular look and even more so in recent years. If you love wood floors but are looking for a more affordable and family friendly option, then a Quickstep laminate is for you. Quickstep laminates are made with a design layer featuring a high-resolution photo of real timber and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

A Quickstep laminate has many benefits for families including a durable scratch resistant layer. This layer is up to ten times more resistant to micro scratches – ensuring your flooring will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. In the unlikely event that your floor does get damaged, it is easy enough to replace just one of the boards.

Waterproofing is another major consideration when it comes to choosing a durable family proof flooring. Accidents happen and your flooring needs to be immune to actual situations such as a leaking washing machine or a spilled drink. The innovative team at Quickstep have developed a range of laminates that have a unique water-repellent HydroSeal coating. To ensure their laminates can withstand the inevitable spills and accidents of everyday life, Quickstep laminates go through a series of stringent tests that go above and beyond traditional waterproof tests. Tests are conducted with liquids that reflect real life conditions including wine and pet urine. Quickstep even perform a rigorous mop test which consists of covering the installed floor with wet mops and soap for 14 hours.

Durable & Stain Resistant Carpets
Nothing beats the feeling of carpet underfoot. Carpet is quieter than many other flooring options, provides excellent insulation, and can add a certain softness to a room – making it a great option for those with young families. A carpet also needs to be robust enough to resist the many challenges of life. If you have pets it’s worth considering a cut pile as pet claws can create pulls on loop pile carpets. Look for carpets with stain resistant qualities so you can enjoy life without worrying about the unavoidable spills and messes of daily life.

A carpet from the SmartStrand Forever Clean range is a great solution when looking for family proof flooring. SmartStrand Forever Clean is characterised by its Nanoloc spill protection, where ultra-fine nano particles bond together on a molecular level. This creates a superior stain resistant shield that never loses its stain resistance.

The Cavalier Bremworth Stainmaster SolarMax carpet range also has superior stain resistant abilities. Stain resistance is built into the fibre (not added as a separate application) making it harder for stains to penetrate the carpet. It is manufactured with advanced fade resistant technology, locking in colour and safeguarding it from UV light.

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