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Your sleeping position completely dictates the type of pillow you should select as different positions require different types of support but ultimately, a comfortable pillow is supportive and aligns your head and body while you are sleeping.

Stomach Sleepers

Should choose a soft or low profile pillow. This will minimise any arching of your back whilst also ensuring your head and neck are not turned unnaturally.

Back Sleepers

Should choose a medium feeling pillow. It should support the natural curvature of your spine with adequate support under the head, neck and shoulders.

Side Sleepers

Need a firm or high profile pillow. It conforms to the shape of your neck and supports your head in a high enough position to ensure that the spine maintains a straight, natural horizontal line.


MM Down Pillows

Our Range

MM Down All Round Range

These feather and down pillows are a high quality, affordable choice and offer a comfort level to suit every type of sleeper, ensuring you a blissful and comfortable sleep. The All Round range has a soft, medium and firm option as well as a Euro so no matter what position you sleep in there is a perfect option.

MM Down Premium Pillow

Is the top of the range pillow by MM Down. Filled only with the highest quality, soft goose down and feather and finished using all natural fibres, this premium pillow will guarantee a perfect sleep.

Sleepmaker Classic Memory Foam

A trusted brand in beds, so it is natural that Sleepmaker would create a pillow to further enhance your sleep. Their memory foam pillows are designed to shape to your head, neck and shoulders with breathable fillings help to regulate body temperature for a more comfortable sleep. Available in low profile for Stomach Sleepers and High Profile for Back Sleepers.

Top Drawer Bamboo Pillow

Made from all natural fibres, this pillow has excellent wicking properties to keep you cool and is mildly hypo-allergenic with anti-microbial properties- an excellent choice if you are sensitive to allergens.

Fairydown Lodge Pillow

The Lodge Pillow is extra-long and taller than a standard pillow. It fits perfectly across a headboard adding to its appearance but over and above the aesthetic value, it provides extra head and shoulder support.


Fairydown Lodge PillowDuck Down & Feather30/701500g90 x 50cmFirm290 thread count, natural cotton
MM Down All Round PillowGoose Down & Feather80/20/100700g50 x 75cmSoft300 thread count, 100% cotton
MM Down All Round PillowGoose Down & Feather80/20/100930g50 x 75cmMed300 thread count, 100% cotton
MM Down All Round PillowGoose Down & Feather80/20/1001100g50 x 75cmFirm300 thread count, 100% cotton
MM Down All Round Euro PillowGoose Down & Feather80/20/100930g65 x 65cmMed300 thread count, 100% cotton
MM Down Premium PillowPremium Goose Down & Feather80/20650g50 x 75cmMed300 thread count, 100% cotton
Top Drawer PillowBamboo/Microfibre50/501050g73 x 48cmFirm100% cotton
Sleepmaker Classic Memory Foam, Low ProfileVentilated gel-infused memory foam1480g50 x 75cmMedTENCEL Blend
Sleepmaker Classic Memory Foam, High ProfileVentilated gel-infused memory foam1480g50 x 75cmMedTENCEL Blend


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