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The movement towards a homes that expresses our individuality has gained momentum over the last couple of years. Gone are the days of stark, white on white interiors so often associated with modern homes. Today, homes are seen as place to inject our personality. A vessel to project good taste and to explore the multitude of interior design ideas and trends.

Part of this movement is the trend towards geometric flooring. Geometric Flooring is a leading design trend that has proven it’s here for the long haul. Characterized by straight and graphic lines, geometric flooring is the perfect decorative touch to nearly any interior.

Our flooring department at McKenzie & Willis have lots of options to create a geometric floor in your own home. As part of our range we have the new Moduleo Moods collection. Moduleo Moods are top of the line, luxury vinyl tiles that allow you to mix and match wood and stone textures with geometric forms. With over 110 beautiful floor designs you can create amazing floors, from classically elegant to wildly dynamic. The only limit being your imagination.

For some fresh inspiration take a look at just some of the looks you can create with Moduleo Moods.

The triangle pattern from Moduleo Moods is an expressive and bold choice. Use it to create a statement in your home.


The Hexagon pattern is a long-time favorite from the geometric floor trend. With no dominant angle or direction, it can be used in a diverse range of spaces.

Room 209 WSTK

The Diamond pattern can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a unique and dynamic floor. Use stone and woods textures to bring life to your space.

Moods 1 1 710x375

Chevron & Herringbone 
The chevron & herringbone patterns are an elegant choice that can work in both traditional and contemporary homes. A classic Parisian take on the geometric trend.

Room 163 RM24

Basket Weave
The Basket weave pattern creates a shifting rhythm that guides the eye across the floor. It can be subtle and simple or you can mix and match stone, concrete and wood for a bolder look.

Room 126 X9U0

Want to know more? Let McKenzie & Willis help make your house a home with our extensive range of quality flooring to cater to every budget. With choice from the latest colours, styles and textures, our range is guaranteed to meet your needs. Book a free in home measure and quote now.

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