Cavalier Bremworth

Cavalier Bremworth Siren Dio Carpet

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Product Description

The Cavalier Bremworth name is synonymous with quality designer wool carpets and more recently solution-dyed nylon carpets. Cavalier Bremworth was the world’s first carpet company to use the Woolmark seal of quality in 1964 and later, first to gain an internationally recognised eco-label across its entire wool carpet range. Manufacturer of quality New Zealand wool and solution-dyed nylon carpets.

Siren is created with a 100% regenerated fibre made entirely from recycled synthetics, including fishing nets recovered from oceans throughout the world. It’s resilient, easy to clean and holds its colour beautifully.

Siren is a luxurious product with a clean promise and a healthy respect for the environment.

By using recycled nylons instead of raw fossil fuel materials, the production of Siren fibre cuts back on CO2 emissions by around 50% over regular yarns and in 2015, that equated to a saving of over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

It’s durable and stain resistant too. During processing, the fibres are mixed with a state-of-the-art modified polymer, which ensures the resulting carpet is very tough, easy to clean and holds its colour for life.

And the feel? Plush, velvety and luxurious – you’ll fall in love with the rich texture of Siren.

The Specifics:

  • 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Cut Pile Carpet
  • Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Stars
  • Pile thickness: 9.6 mm +- 10% AS/NZS 2111.5
  • Carpet thickness: 12.6 mm +- 10%

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