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Harlequin Entity Wallpaper Collection


Harlequin is an eclectic fusion of colour, texture and fashion-led prints. Always innovating and always creating, their in-house designers love to get the paintbrushes out and experiment. This creative approach combined with digital technologies has earned them a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.

With roots in the “Architectural Fashion” trend, Entity explores the interplay of light and shadow. An emphasis on repetition, strong geometric lines and engineered layers create a totally unique aesthetic that is both polished yet soft. 3-D effects and a lovely contrast between metallic and matt complete the look.

More colours available. Contact us to see more.

Our Interior Designers have put together some tips and techniques for the general, day-to-day care of your new McKenzie & Willis fabric, wallpaper or window furnishings as a quick reference for when life happens…

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