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Luxaflex Duettes

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Product Description

With hundreds of window covering options and a brand that is synonymous with innovation, quality and style, the Luxaflex range has something for every type of home interior.

Luxaflex Duettes have a soft, elegant look with superior insulation properties. They are a type of honeycomb or cellular window shade, with their cells forming insulating air traps. Because of their cellular construction, Duette shades have been called ‘the next best thing to double glazing’ by helping to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

They can be fitted to almost any shaped window, including semi-circles and baysand can also be mounted inside or outside frames and horizontally on skylights.

Available in a range of fabrics that can either filter or block light completely, depending on your needs, with sheer, translucent and opaque finishes. Duettes can be made in two different cell sizes, 10mm and 20mm. Visit your nearest McKenzie & Willis showroom today to view the options in our Luxaflex Gallery.

You also have the choice of manually operated or an automated system using Luxaflex’s wireless Q-motion system or a traditional hard-wired system.