Now more than ever it’s important to understand where the products we use in our home come from and their effect on the environment. One of the industry leaders who are spearheading this movement are Quick-Step. Defined by the motto “the world you’d love to live in” Quick-Step are always looking for new ways to recycle, reduce and reuse. This is particularly true for their engineered timber range, which embodies these ideas through ingenious production methods, minimised ecological impact, and a steadfast commitment to nature.

Quick Step Engineered Timber Imperio

A Smart Use of a Waste Product

The Quick-Step Engineered timber range is constructed with 3 layers oriented perpendicular to each other. For the vast majority of the range, these layers comprise of a beautiful yet sustainable 3mm solid wood veneer, a middle layer of recycled Rubberwood and an ecological certified base. The effect of this is two-fold; not only does it make it more affordable and stable than solid wood but it also comes with environmental benefits.

The primary benefit of this type of construction is Quick-Step’s use of recycled Rubberwood. Rubberwood trees produce latex but their lifespan is short. In the past these trees were burned after 25 years when they no longer yielded sufficient latex. By using Rubberwood for their middle layer, Quick-Step is able to recycle and reuse what was essentially once a waste product.

In addition, the beautiful species timber used on the top goes a lot further in comparison to traditional solid wood floors because only a thin layer is needed. This in turns allows for a greater ratio of recycled material to be used. In fact, Quick-Step boasts that their engineered timber products contain more than 75% recycled material.

Quick Step Engineered Timber Intenso

Sustainably Sourced and Certified

Quick-Step carefully screens their raw materials, ensuring all of their timbers can be traced back to their origin. While wood is renewable by nature, Quickstep also ensure that their timbers comes from sustainable forests and are PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Be wary of inferior products on the market that cannot verify the source of their timber, so as not to end up with illegally logged Russian oak or similar environmentally damaging products.

Energy Efficient Production

Quick-Step’s manufacturing process takes the environment into consideration through the clever powering of their Belgium and Malaysian production facilities. Any wood waste created by the milling and sawing of their timber is burnt in an incinerator, with the subsequent heat being used in the production of many of their products.

Quick Step Engineered Timber Palazzo

Beyond the Timber

Quick-Step’s concern for the environment doesn’t stop at the timber used. The glue, lacquer and oil applied to their engineered timber meets strict emission norms, making them both safer for you and the environment. Furthermore, their engineered timber products are EC labelled, which ensures they have met the health, safety, and environmental protection standards in the EU.

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