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Cleaning your carpet properly is much easier than you think- in fact it isn’t difficult at all and will ensure your carpets, which are a MAJOR feature of your home, look great for their full lifetime!

Before we even get started with good carpet care I should point out that preventative maintenance is really important from the outset! Doing what you can to ensure your carpet is at its best is easy by simply using mats or runners at all entrances. This will help reduce soil and moisture being trekked in via these high traffic areas.

Regular vacuuming is obviously the most important aspect of good carpet care. Most of the dirt you walk into your carpet is in the form of dry, hard particles which are easily picked up by a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended that you vacuum high traffic areas every day, medium to high traffic areas twice a week and your entire house at least once a week, which is a LOT- sounds like you will be vacuuming all the time! But regular vacuuming is really important as it not only prolongs the life of your carpet; it also enhances its appearance as well.

I also recommend that you have your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months (depending on how fastidious you are with that vacuuming!). Professional hot water extraction is the best process we have seen.

And then there are the everyday accidents…we are all human so there will be one or two or many of these during the life of your carpet! When you have a spill it is important to clean it immediately, if it is a food spill remove as much as possible by gently scraping with a knife ensuring you work from the outer edge inwards to avoid spreading even further, then using warm water and a cloth blot the area repeatedly- if the stain is stubborn you will need to use a carpet cleaning product- I recommend Mohawk FloorCare Essentials Spot Remover but any cleaner with a pH of less than 10 will be fine. Make sure you do a quick test of any product you plan on using on a small, non-visible area just in case!

If you are looking at installing new carpet in your home you are in a great position to choose a carpet that is easy care from the get go. There have been a lot of developments in carpet over the years and new products released. The best one I have found to date is by far SmartStrand (or as it is more commonly known- the rhino carpet!). SmartStrand has permanent stain and soil protection built directly into the fibre during manufacturing, not put on with chemicals after like some other products. This means the protectant is there for the life of the carpet- it will never wash, walk or wear off.

Hopefully you have seen the television ads with the lovely light coloured carpet that was installed into a rhino enclosure for 2 weeks and came up good as new after being cleaned. You may not know that the manufacturers further tested the SmartStrand carpet at another zoo not only in the Rhino enclosure but also in the elephant and camel enclosures and it again passed with flying colours! Here are some other facts you may not know about SmartStrand Carpet…

  • SmartStrand actually resists hot coffee and red wine stains
  • SmartStrand has colourfast properties that resist fading from exposure to sunlight
  • Pet urine won’t stain SmartStrand, in fact it has a lifetime pet urine warranty!

So like I said at the start- good carpet care does not have to be difficult! Just make sure you take care of those accidental spills ASAP and spend a bit of time on the end of your vacuum cleaner! If you are looking to install new carpet at home make sure you take some time and research the options available to you today and if you would like more information from someone in the know just give us all call on 0800 888 999.

Cheers to good carpet care,

(Flooring Manager, McKenzie & Willis Christchurch)

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