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We all know the feeling when someone spills a glass of red wine on your carpet – the rush of panic as you desperately try to treat a stain before its sets in. While you can mitigate the risk of accidents like this happening, carpet can be easily soiled by everyday life too (especially so if you have children or pets!).

That’s where a carpet with stain resistant properties comes in. Worry free, easy maintenance and family friendly, a stain resistant carpet is perfect for busy households.
Rhino West Haven Carpet


Wool may not be an obvious choice when it comes to stain resistance however it can be relatively easy to clean and maintain due to inherent natural protective coating. This thin waxy coating is bonded to the fibres, repelling stains naturally and preventing absorption of spills. A light spill will bead on the surface, giving you a chance to remove the stain before it sets.

Solution Dyed Nylon

Rather than just a colour on the surface, Solution Dyed Nylons are coloured right through to the core giving them superior colourfastness which is very resistant to staining. This colour lock technology makes cleaning a breeze and means you can usually even use a mild bleach solution to treat very hard to remove stains. (Make sure you check the manufacturer cleaning instructions of your particular solution dyed nylon carpet before using any cleaning solution.) Many also have stain resistant treatments applied giving them further protection.

Rhino Carpet with SmartStrand Forever Clean

And the best stain resistant carpet on the market? The renowned ‘Rhino’ range of carpets with SmartStrand Forever Clean technology! Rhino carpets deliver superior stain resistance built into the very core of the fibre as well a unique nanotechnology barrier.

The fibres of Rhino Carpets are constructed in a unique way that means they do not have anywhere for spills to adhere to. Because it is an innate characteristic of this fibre, it offers permanent stain resistance protection that will never wear off. This is further enhanced with advanced Nanoloc technology which protects the entire SmartStrand fibre, creating a superior barrier to stains, soils and spills.

With Rhino carpets you can be confident that your carpet will look great for years to come- whatever life throws at it.

Did you know?

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